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Greenville's Favorite

Dining Tradition

Welcome to Rick Erwin's West End Grille

Rick Erwin’s original, nationally acclaimed steakhouse is a destination point for locals and travellers alike with a dining experience that’s second to none. Offering aged, premium cuts of beef and other spectacular dishes, it’s “casual elegance” at its finest. Located on Main St in the Historic West End.

"When it


A letter from Rick

When we opened West End Grille in 2005, there were only a handful of other restaurants in what is now known as “one of the nation’s greatest downtown areas”. There were only a handful of us that had a vision for this area of town before many people gave it a real chance. Greenville was really starting to grow and there weren’t many “special occasion” restaurants in town for people to go when it had to be special. I had been in the restaurant business for 25 years and I wanted to open a place where people would go to have an exceptional dining experience when it really mattered.

As we now embark on our 15th year, we look back and we look forward. We are on our way to opening our 10th location and it is only because of the overwhelming support of our locals and out of town guests. I am forever grateful for my hometown and the people that make Greenville “Yeah, THAT Greenville”. We look forward to continuing to serve exceptional experiences for you when it matters most.
Rick Erwin — Owner
Buttermilk pancakes
pancakes with vanilla cream
Smoked salmon
salmon fish with poached egg
Crumbled soft eggs
crumbled eggs with mushrooms
European breakfast
eggs, bacon, tomato and toast
Spaghetti ala marinara
spaghetti with marinara sauce
Range pork cotoletta
pork meat with spicy sauce
Pepper steak
beef, rice, onion and red bell pepper
Handcut french fries
potatoes, canola, crab oil seasoning
Basil salad
olive oil, red tomatoes, basil leaves
Chopped salad
lettuce, oregano, salami, artichoke
Charred octopus
octopus, paprika, coriander
Whipped cod roe
white bread, salted cod roe, lemon
Duck ravioli
flour, eggs, duck, ricotta
Orange creme brulee
eggs, sugar, flour, oranges
Carrot pudding
sugar, flour, cinnamon, carrot

Our Guests

Just Love Our Food!

“Probably one of the best three meals of my life! The octopus appetizer was nothing like I’ve ever tasted. Entrees were twin filet medallions with lobster and crab toppings, mouth watering. The Sea Bass was prepared better than any I’ve ever had in the past. Service was excellent and then some. If in season, try the peach mule. Don’t miss this experience.”
June 27, 2019
“We visited Greenville in 2018 for an over-night stay and we happened to find West End Grille as we walked around downtown. After dinner, my husband and I talked in depth about moving to this gorgeous city. Since then, we have moved to downtown Greenville and this is our regular spot!”
August 11, 2019

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Opening hours
Mo-Th: 4-10pm, Fr-Sa: 4-11pm
Closed Sunday